The Avoca Approach

Your Own Personal Billing Company

We are your personal medical billing company! We are committed to providing unrivaled customer service with maximization of collection performance. Additionally, we operate with total respect, integrity, and trust with all employees and business partners in a friendly environment.

Is your current billing process maximizing collections?

Your current billing process may be bad for your business. If it doesn't maximize your receipts, help generate a consistent cash flow, and accurately bill your clients, you're in trouble.

Inadequate billing processes, with inadequate coding, slow down collections while requiring more work to manage. As a result, they increase your costs, while reducing your revenue. Furthermore, your practice suffers.

Not only did my group's collections increase but our overhead decreased 13% since switching from our in-house billing to AVOCA...

Your Personal Medical Billing Company

How can Avoca help?

When comparing Avoca to other medical billing companies, you will find that certain similarities exist. However, there are real differences that set Avoca apart. We established Avoca to provide a clear alternative to what many practices experience:

  • Diminishing Collection Efforts
  • Eroding Client Service

Avoca is committed to maximizing the revenue of each client. We provide the tools and expertise necessary for your practice's long term financial success.

Personal Attention

Our goal is for you to feel that Avoca is your personal medical billing company. Our CEO worked many years in physician practice management. So, we know how important it is to have control of your billing operation. To provide that control we assign dedicated employees to your account. As a result, we create strong working relationships. You will come to think of them as if they were your own employee.

Trustworthy Management

We take a proactive approach to collecting your money. First, we capture all charges and code and submit them accurately and timely. Then we follow up to collect every available penny, regardless of cost. We also develop and watch internal metrics for each client.

Data Driven

To manage your practice, it is imperative to get timely, meaningful, and readable reports. The last thing you need to do is waste time developing them yourself. Our fees include all standard reports and any ad-hoc reports that you request. Consequently, you will be able to make data driven decisions.

Partnership Focused

We view our relationship with clients as a partnership. We bring other value-added services that will maximize collections. These services are at no additional cost because we base our fee on a percentage of collections. This approach creates a "Win-Win" scenario for everyone.