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The Avoca Difference

At Avoca, we approach billing the way you would, with a goal to collect all money for the service you provide. This is reflected by our higher than normal collectability percentage compared to industry benchmarks. We like to separate ourselves from other billing services and here is how I feel we are different.

Your Own Personal Billing Company.

It is our goal for you to feel that Avoca is your own billing company. Having previously worked for many years in physician practice management, I know how important it is to have control of your billing operation. To support this we assign dedicated employees to your account, facilitating a strong working relationship with each of our individuals as if they were your own employee.

We Treat Your Money as if It Were Ours.

We take a proactive approach to collecting your money. We ensure that all charges are captured, properly coded, submitted timely and exhaustively followed up to collect every available penny, regardless of cost. We also develop and proactively monitor internal metrics for each client, preventing any problems that may affect collections.

Manage Your Practice with Data.

To properly manage your practice in these economic times, it is imperative to obtain timely, meaningful, easily read reports without wasting your precious time developing them. Our fees include all standard reports and any ad-hoc reports that you request. We can generate multiple reports ranging from summary reports to drilling down to the lowest level of data captured during the billing process facilitating data driven decisions.


We view our relationship with clients as a partnership. We bring other value added services that will maximize collections. These services are at no additional cost as our fee is based on a percentage of collections, therefore creating a Win-Win scenario for both entities.

I honestly feel that our approach will maximize your collections and I would welcome an opportunity to discuss what Avoca can bring to your practice.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Coogan
Paul Coogan,

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