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Anesthesiology Group Practice in Louisville, KY
11 Physicians and 31 CRNA’s

“Since switching to AVOCA, collections have increased 12% without an increase in case load…”
Mushtaque Juneja, MD. President

Radiology Associates Inc.
Radiology Group Practice in Jeffersonville, IN
22 Physicians

“Not only did my group’s collections increase but our overhead decreased 13% since switching from our in-house billing to AVOCA…”
Craig S. Kamen, MD., President

Priority Radiology
Outpatient Imaging in New Albany, IN
8 Physicians

“Avoca has been a critical element in the rejuvination of our radiology practice over the last several years. Since working with Avoca our collections have improved and our overhead has decreased. Avoca has added value with their knowledge of the business of radiology and has helped us optimize our reimbursements with payer negotiations. Avoca regularly provides us with a meaningful management reports to help us understand the flow of our business. Avoca provides us with a clear understanding of the ever changing environment in which we practice with attention to details including PQRI reporting. The expertise that Avoca provides has helped us create a stronger practice that will endure the challenges of modern radiology business.”
Mitch Kline, M.D., Medical Director

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